Electrical Thermal Imaging and Thermography in Melbourne

Thermalign has over 20 years precision engineering experience and is proud to serve the Australian Industrial and Commercial sector. Offering state of the art electrical thermography and expert operators, ThermAlign has helped to monitor, repair and optimise machinery for companies across the country.

The industrial sector is one of the driving economic forces in Australia and our aim is to support this crucial part of the economy with the latest technologies and expertise. Now based in the Melbourne suburb of Mordialloc, we offer a range of specialist services.

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ThermAlign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment!

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Our Services

We offer our clients a range of cutting edge technologies and services including:


Thermal imaging is a great way to monitor the condition of your machinery and also pinpoint deteriorating components before they break down. Our professional thermographers will collect and analyse the data to ensure accurate results.


Utilising a range of professional equipment, Thermalign can diagnose your issues. Read More

Laser Alignment

The laser method is by far the most efficient and accurate way to conduct shaft (coupling) alignment. It can be used on a wide variety of machinery and can correct many problems that other technologies cannot even detect.

Laser Alignment

The return on investment of precision alignment can be huge due to increased reliability & energy savings. Read More

Industrial Services

In addition to machine specific servicing, ThermAlign also conducts plant inspections, troubleshooting, plant lubrication reviews, vibration analysis and dynamic balancing.

Other Services

ThermAlign’s experience lends itself to a variety of complementary services to the industrial sector. Read More

Our electrical thermal imaging advantage

We have years of experience offering dedicated electrical thermography services to industries around Melbourne, saving them time and money in the process.

Regularly inspecting your industrial equipment with thermal imaging detects and identifies potentially dangerous machinery faults before they become apparent to the naked eye. The larger the problem is, the more costly it may become to repair it, and your business may experience a significant amount of downtime.

Our technologies pinpoint the fault’s location with precision, and you are able to fix an apparent issue, well before it becomes a greater problem. Reduce downtime, and lost productivity due to equipment faltering when you expect it least.

Precision alignment using laser technology

To ensure everything is maintained in peak working order, we undertake complete alignment of your machinery, using state of the art laser technology. Proper alignment of your working parts extends the operational lifespan of your goods, and ensures smooth and consistent energy transfer. If a machine were to stop functioning due to mislalignment, you may experience a significant downtime in operations and money wasted.

Our electrical thermography processes are the perfect, on-going solution to your long-lasting peace of mind.

Training and Mentoring

Utilise ThermAlign’s extensive experience in the industrial sector with affordable training and mentoring.

We want to ensure each of your employees is trained to the utmost standard, ready to perform every work task with accuracy and safety. With long term training solutions, and over-the-phone mentoring available, we are your industry partner for supervision and education.

Have us develop and execute a long term mentoring plan to increase your overall productivity.

Onsite Supervision

For any tasks that require rotating equipment, we can provide accredited onsite supervision. Recognised as leaders in our field, we are dedicated to the improved reliability and operational effectiveness of your assets.

GTI Predictive Technology

Cut the cost of equipment maintenance with GTI. We are the only authorized distributor of GTI’s predictive technology and reliability equipment in Australia. Dynamic balancing, laser shaft alignment, vibration analysis, and geometric alignment can all be achieved in house with this cost effective technology.

For more information on any of our services available throughout Melbourne and Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0419 600 143. We are available during business hours to answer any questions you may have about our electrical thermal imaging services, and will provide you with an itemised quote upon request.