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What is Thermography?

A lot of people tend to think of thermography as a gimmick, something that belongs in James Bond movies and music clips but it can play an important role as an unobtrusive, diagnostic tool in many situations.

Electrical thermal imaging is the use of cameras to detect infrared range radiation and produce images of that radiation known as thermograms. A thermographer, is a professional trained to use these devices and analyse the data that they produce.

Thermal imagers cannot see through walls or panels, but thermography is an excellent tool to use in the condition monitoring of structures, machines, and systems.

Some advantages of usingelectrical thermal imaging as an inspection tool include:

  • It is an unobtrusive testing method
  • It can find and pinpoint deteriorating electrical or machine components
  • It can be used to find defects in plastic or metal parts
  • It can be used to detect things in low light areas that are missed by the human eye
  • It can be used to inspect hazardous or inaccessible areas

The ThermAlignService DifferenceFLIR1143

At ThermAlign, we use high end, professional thermal imaging instruments operated by fully qualified, experienced and accredited professionals, to carry out inspections and analyse the data gathered. At ThermAlign we primarily inspect electro-mechanical systems, however, we are also trained and carry out building and other thermographic inspections throughout Melbourne and Australia

Why is it important to use professional services for thermal imaging inspections?

To accurately analyse why equipment displays certain heat signatures, a level of understanding of that equipment is required. A professional, trained thermographer has the understanding of the science behind thermography. This allows them to know the limitations of the equipment, as no matter how expensive the camera, it will have limitations. A thermographer will also take into account factors such as emissivity and reflection.

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