A service and consultation company focusing on the industrial sector.

Utilising new technology backed by twenty years of experience, Thermalign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment


ThermAlign is a service and consultation company dealing primarily with the industrial sector of Australia. Utilising new technology backed by twenty years of experience, ThermAlign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment. ThermAlign not only provides thermal imaging and laser alignment services, but plant reliability studies and surveys, lubrication reviews, vibration analysis and rotor balancing.

In addition training, equipment testing and plant commissioning are also offered. With clients across Australia and experience throughout the world, there is no engineering issues have not been overcome by ThermAlign staff.

To compliment these services, ThermAlign is the sole Australian distributer of the ‘GTI Predictive Technology’ range of products. These products utilise the higher processing power found in the latest IPad, to deliver astounding performance, ease of use and affordability for Vibration, Balancing, Alignment and more.

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Thermalign has a wealth of experience in delivering training and mentoring
by utilising effective communication techniques across all levels.

Scott Henderson

Scott started his reliability journey completing 14 years in the British Army as a senior maintainer of rotary aviation assets (helicopters). Operating across the globe in various roles, reliability engineering and condition monitoring was key to operational effectiveness and safety. After relocating to Australia and 6 years working for a variety of industries in reliability roles, Thermalign was born and has now celebrated 10 years of business.Scott believes in hands-on, real-world solutions, to real world problems. As a trainer he brings his wealth of knowledge to the classroom with a very personable approach.His extensive experience in the condition monitoring field across many industries, allows Scott the knowledge and true understanding that is the hallmark of an effective trainer. He continues to add to his credentials and training portfolio in many disciplines that he has been actively involved in for some time.

Chris Hill

Working in Condition Monitoring for over 25-years, Chris is a remarkable Senior Analyst. Certified to ISO Cat 4 in Vibration Analysis since 2014, he is an entirely professional trainer with current real-world experience in both walkaround and online vibration systems, plus the new and emerging technologies such as Motion Amplification. As a facilitator of formal and informal training, he is an engaging and passionate presenter. Volunteering as a firefighter since 2000, Chris has worked his way up the ranks in the CFA and is still actively involved in emergency management when the need arises. A dedicated, community minded individual and highly valued Team member, Chris is an ideal mentor and role model to up and coming condition monitoring technicians and reliability engineers.

Jim Potter

Jack Patton

Upskill, engage, learn.