Vibration Analysis ISO CAT I

The course focuses on periodic, single channel data collection and analysis for condition-based maintenance programmes

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Chris Hill
Senior Analyst/Trainer
December 3, 2024
December 6, 2024
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Information & Course

The ‘Entry', or 'Junior Level’ Mobius Institute™ Category 1 course is intended for personnel who are new or have 6 months vibration monitoring and analysis experience. It is ideal for reliability engineers, asset managers, maintenance planners, fitters plant operators, electricians, mechanics, mechanical engineers, condition monitoring and lubrication practitioners. Anyone who is interested in the reliability of their machinery and want to know more about vibration analysis.

The course focuses on periodic, single channel data collection and analysis for condition-based maintenance programmes. A foundation is established for in-depth understanding of spectrum and waveform relationships.

Course Description


4 days including optional 2-hour certification exam.

Example Hours:

Training Days 1-3: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Training Day 4: 8.00am to 11.00am

Exam Day 4: 11.00am to 1.00pm


Classroom learning


Certification examination, 2 hours, 70% passing grade.


Follows ISO 18436-2 and 18436-3 and provides 3 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits.

Pre & Post Study:

Registered students are given access to the online version of the course via the Mobius Institute Learning Zone™ before the class and for four months after course completion to assist them with converting the course information into practice.

Lifelong Learning option for lifetime access to online resources available to purchase.

Certification Prerequisite:

Prior experience is not required for attending the training course, but 6 months of experience is required for certification.


You will come away from this course with a very good understanding of vibration analysis fundamentals, you will understand how to take good measurements, and you will be ready to begin analysing vibration spectra.

Course Includes:

·                3.5-day classroom training

·                Pre and post course online ‘Learning Zone’ study resources

·                Diagnostic reference guide

·                Course notes/manual

·                Short-form booklet

·                Diagnostic mousepad

·                Lunches and refreshments

·                Interactive assessments during the course

·                Certificate of completion

·                Mobius certificate

·                Mobius membership

Optional Exam: 2-hour Certification exam

Course Summary

Maintenance practices

·                Breakdown, preventive, predictive and RCM

Principles of vibration

·                Motion, r.m.s./peak/peak-peak, frequency/period

·                Displacement, velocity and acceleration

·                Units and unit conversion

·                Waveform and spectrum (FFT)

·                Natural frequencies

·                Basic forcing frequency calculations

Data acquisition

·                Instrumentation

·                Transducers and transducer mounting

·                Measurement point naming conventions

·                Routes/surveys: Loading and unloading the route

·                Data collection

·                Following a route

·                Repeatable data collection

·                Test procedures

·                Observations: utilising your time effectively in the field

·                Recognising bad data

Condition monitoring

·                Review of condition monitoring technologies: Vibration, oil, wear debris analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonic acoustic emission, electric motor testing

Equipment knowledge

·                Rotating equipment types and applications

·                Rolling element bearings and journal bearings

·                Review of failure modes and appropriate use of condition monitoring technologies

Basic vibration analysis

·                Overall level measurements

·                Spectrum analysis

·                Harmonics, sidebands and the analysis process

·                Alarm limits, trending and exception reports

Fault diagnosis

·                Imbalance, misalignment, looseness, eccentricity, resonance

·                Defects associated with bearings, gears, belts, electric motors

Vibration Analysis Category 1 – Certification

All Thermalign trained, Mobius Institute ™ certified analysts receive personalised logos with their certification number and name for their own professional use. Mobius Institute also maintains a listing of all certified analysts on their website and provides each analyst with a certification confirmation web page.

For more information about Mobius Institute’s accreditation, and the recognition of your certification by the ISO 18436 standard, please visit

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